“Justine is an amazing doula, and I would definitely select her again. She takes time to get to know her clients and tailors her doula services to fit the personalities and needs of the couple with whom she is working. I felt that her background of Bradley training as well as her own labor experiences prepared her to deal with almost any situation that could have arisen.

I was unprepared for a hospital birth since that was not my plan, and Justine was essential in advocating for me and making the experience positive. My husband and I both appreciated her ability to see when and where she was needed and to diplomatically use her skills and training. I felt very cared for by Justine.” – Jolene M., Long Beach

“My wife and I were set on having natural childbirth, but we didn’t know exactly how that would happen. We were very late into the pregnancy before we discovered The Bradley Method®, so late in fact that we were unable to sign up for any group classes. Thank goodness for Justine!

testim1My wife and I read through Bradley’s book, and did as much as we could on our own bef ore we had our first meeting with Justine. But without an experienced observer, we were very unsure of our progress. Justine was able to, very quickly, alleviate our fears of being unprepared. She went through a checklist with us that made us feel very good about what we had accomplished on our own. She was also able to, in an encouraging and supportive manner, lay out for us what still needed to be done. She even went through some relaxation exercises with us that both reaffirmed our own efforts, but also offered insight into what more we could do. Justine instilled in us a sense of confidence, and inspired us to keep moving forward with our work.

Justine was also invaluable on the day of our family’s biggest event! She assisted my wife with massage, encouragement, insight and positive energy. She assisted me with support and quiet suggestions, letting me fill the role of coach while letting me know I was never alone- that I had backup whenever I might need it. She was able to seamlessly move in and out of the “coach” role, filling in for me when I needed to recharge, and was always within reach.

Justine has a distinct ability to make people feel like they have all the tools necessary to achieve their goals. She was an integral part of our natural childbirth success story and I feel very confident that she would be so for other couples as well! She even continued to help us afterward as we adjusted to breast-feeding, sleepless nights and the uncertainty that goes along with first time parenting. Justine was everything we could have asked for.” – Adrian, Hannah and Emma Alita, Irvine, CA

Rosenblit birth web“Justine was such an amazing, calming, and reassuring presence during my labor and delivery! My goal was to have a natural childbirth and she was central to seeing that I met that goal; both my husband and I agree that while I could have achieved a natural childbirth on my own, it would have been so much more difficult had Justine not been there for me. She was also a great help to my husband throughout the entire process. She went above and beyond in so many ways, from the preparations to the birth, to the post-delivery — she surpassed our expectations from beginning to end!
Thank you, Justine, for helping me to achieve such a beautiful childbirth experience; you will always be special to our family and dear to our hearts.” – Melissa Rosenblit, Torrance, CA

web“Even before I was actually pregnant I had always dreamed of having a natural childbirth; I didn’t want the common hindrances of drugs and surgery to interfere with the joys and pains of childbirth. Ironically “Natural Childbirth” means unconventional by western medicine standards, and even proved controversial within my own family…still I forged on and am so happy I did! My beautiful daughter Lola was born healthy happy and super alert. It was amazing to finally meet her, gaze into her eyes, and immediately begin the process of bonding. My doula and Bradley teacher Justine Arian was amazingly supportive throughout my whole pregnancy (I would often call her to discuss questions or concerns); during my delivery she was invaluable offering me both emotional and physical support. I honestly believe I could not have made it through such a milestone without her. Thanks to her I can honestly say that although childbirth is one of the hardest things I have ever done, it is also one of the purest and happiest events in my life.” – Norma Sidney, Long Beach, CA

“From our first meeting with Justine, my husband and I could tell she was genuinely concerned with helping us have the labor and birth we desired. Tirelessly, she massaged and encouraged us through our whole experience. Justine enhanced our birth experience to its fullest. We could never repay her for her knowledge of the process and expertise, or her passion to give women that extra encouragement to empower them to do what God created them to do. Thank you Justine!” – The Taylors, Orange County

“My partner and I had the pleasure to work with Justine as we prepared for the birth of our twin boys. Justine was very kowledgable in the Bradley birth method and was able to assist us in updating our understanding of the process. Justine was also a great source of information for other support services to assist me (the birth mom) in preparing for and having the most optimal birth experience. I would definitely recommend Justine to anyone considering having a baby and looking into natural chilbirth as a birth option.” December 8, 2008. Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity -Sharon Faustina, Long Beach, CA

“I had the most amazing birth with my son, thanks to Justine…. She empowered me & my husband to make it happen. Being a busy woman, she worked with my husband and I to meet our needs so that we got the information we needed to have a successful natural birth. She is capable of working with all types or women and any “Dream Birth”. In 2 years when we will have our next baby, I will be knocking on her door once again!” September 20, 2008 Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value -Daniella Lucero, Orange County

“Dear Justine, Thank you for opening your heart to us. We feel you have helped empower us to make the best decisions for our family. We really appreciate all the knowledge and support you have provided us. You have an amazing gift you are sharing with this world and we thank you for sharing it with us”. -Sara and Chris, Orange County

“I highly recommend Justine as a coach. She has a magical way of connecting with people using her strong intuition, sensitivity and deep caring. I am impressed by how she can pinpoint what drives a person and connect with their feelings and needs to bring them forward. Justine brings a sense of humor and a smile to the coaching relationship. I know that in one session we can go deep places and also keep it light hearted. I really appreciate Justine’s ability to listen and her obvious concern for my well being. For anyone considering a coach, Justine is a great choice.” A.H. – Mother of 2, Orange County


Dear Justine,

Your knowledge, support, and guidance were vital during our pregnancy… especially, in preparation for and up to the day of Andre’s unexpected early arrival.  Thank you for empowering the three of us to realize such a beautiful all-natural birth experience.  You will always be a part of that moment. Thank you.  Love, Eva, Michael and Andre


“Justine has such a vast knowledge of the birthing process, my husband and I learned so much from her during our birthing classes and she was so supportive during my pregnancy.  I especially liked the strategies she gave us to help me stay calm during the birth of our little girl and her guided imagery CD.  I would recommend her to anyone I know looking for support before, during, or after pregnancy- she is a very valuable resource!” –Michelle Marshall, Long Beach, CA


“We can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done to make our birthing experience a positive one.  We so enjoyed meeting you and really appreciated you sharing your time and expertise with us.  We both feel much more prepared for the big event (and I, for one, am less anxious)!” –Nicole & Jens Peterson


“My whole birthing experience with my Doula made me realize how important it is to have a doula.  You have that extra support, love, understanding, caring and very helpful experience that you can possibly imagine while you are having your baby.  That made it so much easier and also made it a wonderful experience that I will never forget.

I can also share my wonderful and amazing experience with expecting mothers and would absolutely refer them to Justine my very good friend and a great Doula!!!!! –Genevie Flores, Torrance, CA


“Through the Birth Empowerment Coaching I was able to explore and dig deep into myself and discover what was most important to me.  I stayed focused on what I wanted for myself and our birth experience because  I was connected to my values and priorities and worked through my fears”. –Tami Meade, First time mommy, Costa Mesa, CA