Mamasummit 2010 Kicks Off December 1!

If you’re pregnant you might already be imagining how great it’s going to be connecting with other moms to talk about babies and motherhood OR When I was a new mom I loved being a part of play groups talking about babies and motherhood. Some of my friends preferred to connect with other moms via message boards and forums…
Connecting with other moms is a crucial part of motherhood and everyone prefers to do it in their own way. On December 1, Mamasummit 2010 will be bringing 12 speakers together to enlighten (and humor!) participants.
As a speaker at Mamasummit, I am excited to be able to share with you my take on Birth Empowerment and to open up the conversation with you in a more personal manner.

The other ladies that I am speaking with are absolutely amazing.  They are speaking on a variety of topics, from pregnancy, being a new mama, to being a momprenuer. The list of speakers  includes:

* Crystal Di Domizio
* Carley Knobloch
* Alexis Neely
* Mary Oscategui
* Arie Brentnall-Compton
* Kerrie Ann Frey
* Jennifer Powter
* Lara Galloway
* Dr. Trina Read
* Lori Walker
* Dr. Patricia Hort

The event kicks off on December 1 but you can get yourself registered here:

P.S. – The event also has a Facebook fan page, which you can visit here:

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