Childbirth Classes

My private and small group childbirth classes are tailored to each couple’s specific needs, with a focus on preparing for a natural childbirth with as little intervention as possible. By working as a former Bradley-certified teacher, certified birth Doula, Birth Empowerment Coach and experiencing two natural childbirths myself, I am able to pass along my natural childbirth knowledge and experience in the form of videos, lectures, discussion, books, and activities.

Participation in my childbirth classes empowers women and couples to:·

  • Use proper nutrition and exercise to support a positive pregnancy and birth
  • Practice relaxation and natural breathing techniques to manage discomfort
  • Explore birth options and create a detailed birth plan
  • Learn how your support system can help create a positive birth experience
  • Learn the stages of labor and possible birthing positions
  • Discover how to handle unexpected challenges and situations, including medical interventions and C-sections
  • Understand the basics of breastfeeding and newborn care
  • Have an empowering, overall joyful birthing experience

In addition to my Empowered Birth Method™, I also offer a one time 4 hour class to those wanting an overview of the birthing process and how to prepare for it. This is ideal for those with minimal time to prepare or as a refresher. The cost of this as a private class is $250. I am now offering this half-day childbirth class as a group class at Granola Babies in Costa Mesa, CA. Please go to their website for details and class schedule

In addition to childbirth classes, I also offer The Empowered Birth Metod™, Doula Services, and Mama Coaching services. You can enroll in our natural childbirth classes online by clicking the appropriate option below, or contact me for more information.

Coming soon:
My childbirth classes will soon be available online, so you can learn from the comfort of your own home. Please contact me
for more details.

Childbirth Class Options