Birth Empowerment or Not?

Recently I’ve been polling people to name my new Birth Coaching Program. The two choices are Birth Readiness Coaching or Birth Empowerment Coaching. While I have been overwhelmingly getting Empowerment as the preferred name, the Readiness voters have alluded to the idea that Empowerment sounds too strong or that it implies we don’t have power. My point in offering this program is that we are powerful and are meant to be powerful in birth yet too few realize this due to many factors. So I came up with this list of factors that I believe take our power away in the birthing time.

We give our power away when we:

  • believe birth is a medical event that we need to be rescued from
  • place 100% confidence in Doctors and hospital procedures rather than in our bodies abilities and the perfectly designed process of birth
  • listen to the negative birth stories of our friends, relatives and others and accept them as our truth
  • shape our view of “normal” birth around what is portrayed in the media
  • focus on the negative
  • don’t educate ourselves and get the facts about birth
  • choose or fail to choose based on fear
  • think we don’t have choice
  • don’t listen to or trust our intuition/inner knowing and use it as a guide
  • don’t actively engage in the process
  • care more about what others think than what we know to be true for ourselves in our hearts
  • believe we are meant to suffer in birth
  • fail to prepare mentally, physically and spiritually
  • don’t believe we are powerful

I’m pretty sure now that I will name my program Birth Empowerment Coaching because it directly addresses all of the above factors that take our power away. Empowerment and peace is the new paradigm I am aiming for when it comes to birth. The old paradigm of fear and control is OUT.

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