The Problem Today is that 1 in 3 women and babies in the U.S. are experiencing traumatic births UNNECESSARILY.

You do not need to be one of them!

As an Empowered Birth Coach, I want to share with you a few tips for empowering yourself to have a positive birth experience.

1) Educate yourself and understand your rights and responsibilities.

2) Become aware of your options and consciously choose based on what’s important to you.

3) Face your fears and work through them before giving birth.

4) Prepare yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Are You Ready To Gain Confidence In The Birth Process

And Become Empowered Through Your Birth Experience?

The Empowered Birth Method™ is a process that enables you to transform your birth experience by consciously choosing and creating based on your values & priorities, exploring your options, preparing your mind and body and ultimately stepping into your true power as a woman.

How would you like an experienced guide to help you discover your own inner strength and knowing to transform your birth experience and your life?

Based in Orange County, CA, The Pregnancy Coach works closely by phone or in person, with pregnant women who want to empower themselves to have the best possible childbirth. Through education, exploration and support, my Empowered Birth services inspire confidence in my clients, along with a lasting sense of empowerment beyond giving birth.

My Empowered Birth Coaching programs and services quickly empower you to:

  • Create awareness of all your options
  • Alleviate your fears about giving birth
  • Acquire information to make informed decisions
  • Take charge of your childbirth and claim your power
  • Prepare mentally & physically for this mind-body experience
  • Feel confident in yourself and in your abilities as a woman and mother
  • Transform your life through an empowering natural childbirth
  • Accelerate your opportunity for personal growth
  • Enlist the help of  your support systems to achieve your goals
  • Enjoy a safer, happier birth

Participants of my Empowered Birth Method™, private childbirth classes, and Doula services will also:

  • Learn the basics of good pregnancy nutrition, which is essential for the health of both mom and baby and can help prevent many complications during delivery
  • Discover five simple exercises to help alleviate pregnancy discomforts and ease the birth process
  • Study relaxation techniques to better cope with labor and have a more positive experience
  • Explore how negative ideas or concerns shape your birth experience – and learn how to get past them
  • Master the ability to use positive images and thoughts to achieve the birth experience you desire
  • Enjoy the benefit of experienced guidance and support while discovering your own path to the birth you want
  • Have the opportunity to smoothly transition into motherhood with our complementary Mama Coaching services

Regardless of whether you’re expecting your first child or your fifth, I want to empower you to have the most positive childbirth experience possible! Please contact me today for a complimentary 20-minute strategy session to find out whether my Empowered Birth services are the right fit for you.

Best Wishes,

Justine Arian